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Taekey for my lovely semi-tokkitae

"Mirror, Mirror"

Kibum’s family moves into an old house inherited from their great-grandfather. The boy occupies the farthest room and changes everything there, except for the mirror which, he says, perfectly reflects his creative nature. Tired, he falls asleep, but in the morning finds out he has got strange scratches on his back. Inspecting the scratches in the mirror, he hears a quiet laugh, and seems to be catching a glimpse of a vanishing image of a young boy.

Scared at first, Kibum slowly gets used to someone else’s presence in his bedroom. Sometimes, half asleep, he can feel someone’s hand touching his face, neck, and chest. He starts to miss these little smiles he’s sure he sees; he hurries to bed at night just to feel a cool breath on his lips. Kibum falls in love with the boy no one knows exists.

That one day Kibum comes back home drunk. Aware of being all alone in the house, he starts calling the boy, but gets no answer. Upset and angry, Kibum throws a bottle into the mirror, but misses and just slightly cracks the glass. Immediately regretting this, he kisses the crack, goes back to bed and cries himself to sleep. And surely doesn’t see the boy leaning to the kiss.