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Oh, and sometimes I photoshop (yeah, that's a verb).


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how are you even real? ㅠㅠ

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nervous Daebutt
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" I love I’m Jaebum” haha

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Everyone in B.A.P over here like…






All while Youngjae is just…..



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spring melody

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got4's amazing side profile 

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mark pls

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jackson’s reaction to being an mc on simply kpop

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  • incredibly long crosscountry train ride AU
  • police procedural AU
  • bookstore AU
  • reluctant teammates that save the world together AU
  • platonic living together AU
  • lawyers AU
  • stuck-in-an-airport-because-the-flights-were-SO-VERY-delayed-and-it’s-like-two-am AU
  • sent to live with cousins AU
  • pretending to be siblings because of reasons AU
  • teaming up to rescue respective abducted children AU
  • pseudo-adopting-the-runaway-i-ran-into AU
  • forget high school students AU i want a high school teachers AU
  • law school AU


  • on the same college tour AU
  • trapped in a bank during a robbery AU
  • forced to share a table at the coffee shop a couple days in a row because crowded coffee shop and no room AU
  • medical school AU
  • ride the same bus together literally every day AU
  • vet clinic AU
  • 'i'm pretending to be ur bff bc u looked VERY uncomfortable with that person at the bar hitting on u' AU
  • college professors AU
  • on a train together and the train is stopped in the middle of nowhere for some reason AU

is it okay if I add some

  • met at a ren faire AU
  • sat next to each other on a roller coaster AU
  • got locked out of dorm room AU
  • camping in the same area AU
  • hurricane during a beach trip AU
  • met at a card game competition AU
  • kids go to the same school AU
  • little kids getting way too caught up in make-believe AU
  • got involved in a heated game of Smash Bros. at a con AU
  • cosplayed as the same character AU

hello yes here’s more

  • snowed in AU
  • lives alone in the woods by a waterfall and finds a confused lost person walking around AU
  • fighting a squirrel AU
  • finding a puppy on the side of the road AU
  • asthma attack without the inhaler in the middle of the night and the other one sings to calm them down AU
  • spy AU
  • con artists AU
  • grew up as best friends but you got hot over the summer can i touch ur biceps AU
  • war prisoner/captor who lets them go but they want to stay AU
  • scared of flying AU
  • x-men with powers of fire and ice AU
  • your dog likes my dog you should date me or something idk i mean it’s only appropriate AU
  • photograper/actor AU
  • repairman AU
  • strip club AU
  • surfer AU
  • private security AU

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double action

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